Turn On Your Heart

Save a life

You need a heart to live! For some it is technically impossible. For some it will never be.. Do you want to show them the possibility? Do you want them to see what a great feeling it is?

About Turn On Your Hearth

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My dear friends;

With New York Rotary Club and Gaziantep Rotary Club, our fundraising project “Turn On Your Heart, Save A Life” Photo & Art Exhibition accomplished its goal on June 19th at Lazzoni USA. Thank you very much for all your support.

Due on the fundraising efforts of New York Rotary Club, Kavaklik Rotary Club and Alleben Rotary Club in Gaziantep; we will be able to donate medical devices, Eco Probe and Ambulatory Blood Pressure, to Gaziantep Hospital Nefrology Child Department at Gaziantep, Turkey. One device will be portable so we will be able to take it into Syrian Refugee Camps to identify Syrian Refugee Children who need treatment.

Making a difference in those lives is making a difference in our future. When these children recognize the effort and support that kind people can provide, hopefully they will choose to pay forward the love infinitely.














































Jim Sabiston

Mehmet Turgut

Cenk Burhan Özer

Murathan Özbek

Brian Joergens

Tufan Sevimli

Ebru Varol

Nesrin Öztürk

Azmi Mert Erdem

Delizia Flaccavento

Sinan Akdeniz

Samarpit Vatry

Izla Kaya Bardavid

Ayşe Nur Gençalp

Ylenia Mino

Erica Virvo

Nicolas Auvray

Yenel Yıldırım

Gizem Öztürk

Elif Levent

Onur Gürler

Aleks Karjaka

Gul Cevikoglu

Mert Yücel

Beyti Barbaros

Susan Shapiro

Kaitlyn Barlow

Ayşegül Dinçkök

Shaun Mader

Sadık J. Aydın

Mustafa Seven

Ashleigh Mosher

Demet Dinçer

Alihan Polat

Selçuk Gürbüz

Mehmet Turgut

Mehmet Turgut was born in Ankara in July 21, 1977. He inherited both his name and his occupation as a Photographer from his grandfather. Thus his path as a Photographer was one that was determined by his fate. For long years, he worked on theoretical photography, printing techniques, dying, charcoal and photograph processing. In the coming years, he dedicated himself to producing and shooting fictional photography.

He recieved countless awards both locally and abroad, Photographic Society of America PSA and Austria Super Circuit are just few of them. He has organized countless seminars on photography.

Some of the works he’s well-known for are; “19” cover photos of Patricia Kaas’ (the world-wide famous French singer’s “Best of” Album) Cover photos for Dutch Musician Anneke Van Giersbergen’s Concert Album “Live in Europe” Last single from Ozzy Osbourne’s “Let It Die” Cover.

Mehmet Turgut, was elected as the best Photography Artist of the Year by the Turkish Art Institution in 2009. He is also the owner and creative director of Magazine 46, an Art and Culture magazine that began it’s publication in March 2010. Mehmet Turgut’s first photography book “30” was published in December 2012.

Jim Sabiston

"See with your eyes, hear with your ears, nothing is hidden" - Tenkei

Beginnings are a difficult thing to pin down. Every event is the result of a myriad occurrences which led up to it. Everything is in motion relative to everything else. So how does one select a discreet point to say such and such a thing started here or there in the time stream. In fact, you can't. Not really. But we can sometimes point to a moment where we first became aware of a change within ourselves, a moment of inspiration or unusual clarity.

Mine occurred around 1971 when I first saw the fantastic architectural renderings of Roger Dean. Before that moment, art was little more than a passing curiosity to me. My eyes had suddenly been opened to a fascinating new world. My interests quickly expanded to include other artists, a list that most would consider a rather eclectic selection: Maxfield Parrish's amazing landscapes, Frank Frazetta's stunning fantasies, Andrew Wyeth's breathtaking tempera renderings. At first glance, it would seem that these artist's disparate styles have nothing remotely in common.

But, take a moment to step back from the unique techniques and detailing of their individual styles and the common element might become apparent to you: they each had a stunningly unique way of seeing the world. Parrish and Wyeth in particular intrigued me as they represented real scenes and real places, lending their specific vision to the actual subject at hand. Here were my mentors with the keys to a new way of seeing. Inspired, I tried my hand at watercolor, pencil, airbrush, even custom vans and motorcycles at one time or another with some success. I gradually learned to see the world with a painter's eye.

The greatest transition occurred with the invention, and my subsequent discovery of, digital photography. A nomad spirit seeking out the quiet, secret places of the natural world, I traveled the remote backcountry of the mountains, witnessing first hand these spectacular, natural vistas. The camera, at first, was just a tool that allowed me to bring a record of these places back home to share. I soon discovered that the camera held within it a special magic if one only took the time to learn to see with it. Here was, for me, the perfect marriage of the artistic vision and the tool to express it - and it has led me to an unlikely place; a traveler in search of what it means to truly see the world and who discovers a hidden truth.

Which brings us to the present. The vision has grown to include the more traveled places, the mundane every day places and things that most no longer see, so inured to the commonplace as we inevitably become. My chosen task is to break through that hard carapace, to bring you back to the spirit of the reality that lies just underneath the surface of our lives, to communicate again, even if for a moment, with that vital thread of life.

Cenk Burhan özer

I was born and raised in Izmir, Turkey. I got my BA from Communication Faculty. In 2010, I started Photography MFA program at Academy of Art University and graduated successfully very recently. I am residing at San Francisco for the past four years. My main influences are nature, early 20th century Modernists and music. I am experienced in creating Photo Illustrations, digital and manual collaging, manipulations, editing and Mixed Media techniques.

Murathan Özbek

Murathan Özbek was born in 1983 in Erzurum, Turkey. Özbek received his B.A in Economics from Bilkent University, Ankara and M.F.A. in Cinematic Arts, Film and Television Production from Bilgi University, Istanbul. Özbek was awarded Angels & Demons Contest Grand Prize at the Sony World Photography Awards 2010, shortly after getting started in photography upon receiving a camera as a gift from his mother. His award was followed by an exhibition, titled First Impressions of an Endless Dream, in the same year. His artwork was displayed at Contemporary Istanbul 2012. He currently lives in Istanbul.

Azmİ Mert Erdem

Azmi Mert Erdem is a Turkish multidisciplinary artist, interweaving video, photography, performance, painting and installation in his body of work. He sees the human body as a medium and is inspired by its interactions with objects, individuals, space, time and language. Mert works as a videographer for various art platforms and galleries, including Lehmann Maupin. Additionally, Mert has received awards from festivals for the short films he has written and directed.

Ebru Varol

Ebru Varol was born at the crossroads of East and West, in the City of Istanbul. All her life she has been seeking to illustrate central human questions within her art; meaning in life; the reality of black and white; pain and pleasure; light and dark. Her passion around these themes led to an intense focus on what is pure and essential, a term she calls, “The Light”. Her camera, her beloved silent companion and comrade in arms finds the Light through a focus on the material world and its clean lines, objects, architectural structures, and landscapes.

In her work, Varol is acutely aware of how memory fades and the camera captures but a moment. That moment allows us to see and feel the existence of wonder, beauty and the magic we are destined to experience, when we allow ourselves to connect to the Light. Art and photography are an essential way in and provide us access to the central, contrasting, conflicting nature of the human experience. In Varol’s work, Light and dark dance for us all to see and share, to understand and to digest in our own time. So with her camera, she continues to chase the wonder, the beauty of life, even through the shadows. There is beauty and meaning even in the essential darkness that surrounds us all at the end of life. Varol believes that “she who has a why to live can bear almost any how" (Nietzsche). Her artwork is her why. Ebru currently lives in New York City with her husband and her son.

Shaun Mader

Humans fascinate me. Whenever I think I know something about a person, a new dimension of them shows itself and I am, again, plunged into an journey to satiate my curiosity. Whether I am photographing a portrait in the studio here in NYC or in a back alley of Calcutta photographing prostitutes in the red light district, the endless faces of humanity compel me pursue the question of what makes us tick. Raised in Wisconsin, I never could have fathomed the places I would see or the people I would come to meet. By pursuing what has fascinated me I have been blessed with a life of expansion and exploration.

"A single moment of understanding can flood a whole life with meaning."

Mert Yücel

Art always attracts me in every form, Once Roman used a terminology, Homo Universalis (Latin), which translate to "universal person", I believe every human being has many and different interest or talent to express themselves. I started to express myself with painting then sculpturing followed by photography. In all forms the joy comes with sensing the moment.

I have worked and lived many in different locations and tasted different cultures around the world as an engineer, New York is one of them which influenced me the most with its sophistication and colorfulness by feeling a simple new yorker within its streets.


Aleks Karjaka

A Clarinetist, Photographer but more importantly... a Visionary. With everyday that passes us by, we find our visionary progress based not the dreams that we hold, but the constraints that we believe life imposes. As an artist and entrepreneur, I seek to defy such imposed meaning behind what the media, market, and client context deems as is so. The possibility for transformation is attainable on any scale. The only thing that limits my clients is the depth at which they are willing to dream.

Formally trained as a clarinetist for the past 17 years, I have borrowed techniques of music relating to how we study, listen and observe, and have fused them into my own personal style of capturing life. I’ve shot for a variety of photographers, musicians and ensembles here in New York. Recently some of my work been published in Classical Singer Magazine. In addition to shooting, I’m an active freelance clarinetist here in NYC.

Delizia Flaccavento

I have been a freelance photographer since 2001. Together with social issues, I have documented theater, music, dance, sport, events and film productions. My work has been published and exhibited internationally. In the firm belief that documentary photography is about the subjects, rather than about the photographer, I try to capture people and situations naturally, as events unfold in front of my camera.

Samarpit Vatry

Samarpit Vatry; a well known Indian photographer who lives in India right now, gave us a permission to use this beautiful, innocent girl's photograph for our event. I contacted him through online, and he immediately replied back and said OK.. Organizing this event has also thought me how one common reason can bring us all together.. "Helping Children" and "Peace"; that is all we want!

You often don’t or can’t see beauty in the world until someone shows it to you. Take a look around you just now – even without moving from the computer. Can you see something in a new way, a different way of presenting something common? Just take a look again…

Izla Kaya Bardavid

She was born in Sweden with Assyrian/Syriac roots. As a little girl she dreamt about helping people in need, now she is working as project manager with an international humanitarian organization. She is a freelance humanitarian photographer and have a background in public health, social anthropology and international relations. She loves to connect and foster relationships across borders and cultures. My inspiration and courage to make use of her photography talent was acquired through studies and travels.

Based in Stockholm I travel around the globe to work as a desk officer and to shoot photographs for International NGO’s and individuals. My love to explore the world motivated me to visit and serve in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Mali, Togo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Malawi, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, India, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and USA.

When visiting several countries, villages, and communities I use my camera to capture moments of life stories that are beyond circumstances of people. My mission is to reveal the ambition, strength and dignity of people that I am blessed to meet.

I have a strong drive to tell the stories of people by using my lens as a tool. My aim in photography is to be the voice for the seldom heard.

I believe that there lies a true beauty, joy and warmth underneath the life challenge, which is missed out many times, or negatively portrayed in many parts of the world. No matter the harsh reality that people may witness, they reflect hope, courage and might of human beings. This humbles me to learn from the experiences of my encounter with people. I hope that my photography contributes to improve awareness and empowers the vulnerable.

Bringing life back to memories of special moments through pictures gives me joy. I have been capturing weddings, engagements and other beautiful occasions in Sweden and abroad. I do destination weddings and I like documenting a wedding day from early morning to late evening; in such times I manage to retain memorable details which are neglected many times.

Ayşe Nur Gençalp

Ayşe Nur Gençalp completed her Bachelors of Science degree in General Business from Istanbul Technical University and State University of New York/New Paltz. She then worked as an accountant in New York and as a financial analyst in Turkey for a year, before she decided to study film. She attended Miami International University of Art and Design to get her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Film and Video Production. During her studies she worked as a Teaching Assistant in Miami International University. She also directed her own productions. She currently resides in New York City, developing interdisciplinary projects and working as a cinematographer, film consultant in non-profit organizations and is also Teaching Assistant in New York Film Academy, in New York City​.


She was born at the foot of the Italian Alps in the small town of Ivrea. Since when Ylenia was little, she has had a significant interest in art. Every spare moment she had was dedicated to drawing or painting.

During childhood she attended classes with an extraordinary Egyptian painter who specialized in oil painting. In the following years Ylenia also concentrated on classical studies such as Ancient Greek, Latin, Philosophy and History of Arts and graduated with a classical diploma. During this same time she developed a great passion for dance, acting, and singing.

In March 2011 Ylenia debuted as a solo artist at the International Artexpo, New York. In the following year she exhibited world-wide in such places as Innsbruck in Austria, London, Italy, California and again in New York.

She collaborated with the Lali Roberts Gallery in San Francisco and also with the New York online press "T.S. Every Day Poems". She is listed as an artist on the website Art World. Her paintings have also been featured in the magazine i-Italy.(in English).

Because she believes in helping, encouraging and supporting people, Ylenia supports different charities, fundraising and causes, such as The Value of a Smile in Tanzania, Africa. She hopes this support will help to improve their life conditions, give them a chance to develop their full potential and to reach their destiny in their society. As well Ylenia desires that the creativity inside each person would be set free.

Erica Virvo

Erica from America is passionate about long-term traveling. She loves attending weddings and visiting homes in other countries. She has lived in Qatar, Thailand, South Korea, Costa Rica, Saint Vincent and Zambia. Rural living is Erica's favorite kind of travel. She photographs her experience to try to capture a glimpse of the beauty of these communities around the world.

Alİhan Polat

Alihan, a graduate of Pratt Institute, is an urban designer-planner and landscape architect. He is an expert in Planning, Design and Environmental Analysis with technical computer design and simulation skills including ArcGIS, Trimble Sketch Up, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Ecotect and Adobe Creative Suite. His projects predominantly involve works in a wide range of urban design & planning, creating custom analyses and solutions. Alihan also specializes in the integration of queriable 3-D smart city models and layouts of web-based, interactive 3-D walkthroughs built on platforms such as Google Earth and other online mapping platforms. He teaches GIS and Mapping at Pratt Institute and CUNY CityTech, where he assists the Architectural Technology Department with GIS based curricula and programs. Additionally, he is a freelance graphic multimedia designer. In response to a large number of project requests by new and continuing clients, he founded his own firm Studio M+ in 2010.

Elİf Levent

My journey in wonderland of photography began during my university years. Back then I was shooting black and white only with my 35mm camera and spending hours and hours in the darkroom to develop them. After moving to New York it took me a few years to find my way back to this wonderland but this time I decided to go digital. After taking courses at International Center of Photography I exhibited my works in joint exhibitions at Maria della Pieta (Venice, Italy) and Photomanhattan (New York), opened my first solo exhibition in New York with my portraits from Nicaragua and Panama, won honorable mention price in International Photography Awards and held fifth place in Venice International Photo Contest, participated in New York Photo Festival, had some of my works published in one of B&W Magazine portfolios. In the last few years I took one of the other side paths in my journey and my exploration of food photography – the yummy wonderland - began and still continues. Moreover, lately my childhood passion of sailing introduced itself to my photography which for me means a very childful way of expressing myself. That’s why I wanted to be a part of this heartfelt project with one of my heartfelt works from my Sailography collection.

Onur Gürler

Born and raised in Turkey, Onur Gurler has interest in areas of Photography, wines, social dances, psychology and engineering. When it comes to photography, he is passionate about NYC architecture and urban scenes, which appears under sunset pastel color blends with night lighting combinations. He likes to play with lighting conditions, chroma, and aperture in his photographs. He is a civil engineer and also the founder of Gurleten Wineries located in NJ. His photographs reflects a glimpse of the beauty, in their most inherent and spontaneous way.

Beytİ Barbaros

John Lennon has described my life very accurately: "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." I always wanted to be an artist but instead; I was military officer, electronics engineer and other things. At 30 years of age, I decided to make my own plans when I was leaving everything behind and moving to America. I remember having my first DSLR camera in my hands, words could not explain my excitement. I believe when someone loves something so much, there is nothing to stop him/her. As a self-taught photographer, I learned everything hands-on, by doing it, by making mistakes. And now I`m living right next to the most wonderful city in the world, New York City. Photographing this wonderful city while walking on her streets gives me the endless pleasure.

I`m a philocalist. Lover of beauty. Beautiful gives me excitement, leaves me breathless. makes my heart skip a beat. And capturing that beauty with my camera is my life`s purpose.

Ashleigh Mosher

Ashleigh is a freelance photographer from the small town of Fort Plain, NY that currently resides in Long Island. With a degree in the arts and pursuing MBA in Integrated Marketing her focus has narrowed in on the love for photography. The desire for creativity has led Ashleigh to develop an artistic technique which makes each portrait a unique work of art.

Demet Dİnçer

Demet Dinçer is an architect, graduated with the highest grade and lost in between the academia and practice. She has been working in universities, taking part in teaching and trying to find out different design methods since 2007. She has been drawing sketches to share her experiences, making marker and watercolor painting and also writing poems. Being a Fulbright scholar and making her Ph.D. research at Columbia University, New York became an inspirational urban pattern for her drawings.



Kaitlyn Barlow

After graduating high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I attended Guilford College, a small Quaker liberal arts college in Greensboro, NC. There I was able to find my voice through photography. The history, philosophy and people of Guilford resonated with my sense of justice and helped me formulate my ideas about art and life. While attending Guilford, my photography was accepted into more than nine art shows, including the Durham Art Guild juried by internationally renowned artist Judy Chicago.

In 2007, I graduated from Guilford with a BA in Fine Studio Arts focusing in Photography with a concentration in Computer Information Technology. The following Fall, I moved to New York City to pursue my Master’s Degree in Media Arts at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. The next summer I seized the opportunity to intern for photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani (MKI). After my internship ended, I was offered a chance to stay on their team and I have been working with MKI since 2008. I have also worked with photographer and director Indira Cesarine and participated in the creation and launch of XXXX, or the Untitled Magazine. In addition, I do other freelance work, supporting other rising artists and building my portfolio. Combining my education with my practical experience on set has given me a unique perspective on both the art and the business of photography. Last year I had the opportunity to teach at Guilford College which has only reminded me of my values and given me the confidence to continue my own work.

While in North Carolina over this past year I found myself back in the documentary element subconsciously using photography as tool. Enraged with the regressive direction the North Carolina legislature is sending this state I began attending the Moral Mondays led by the NC NAACP and Reverend Dr. William Barber II. I started on my own as a civilian journalist and quickly made connections with many non profit organizations across the state that I have had the opportunity to work with in using my images to help start a progressive change. I also recently had my first solo show, Forward Together : A Moral Movement, displaying these images at Türk Evi as part of the Cary Art Loop. I look forward to the opportunities and experiences ahead as I continue to seek relevance, meaning and beauty through photography.

Mustafa Seven

Mustafa Seven was born in 1974, Sivas. He's worked as a photo journalist in Sabah Magazine Group, Hurriyet Magazine Group, Gazete Pazar and Milliyet. He became the photography editor of Aksam Newspaper.

After working as a photo journalist and photography editor for nearly 20 years, he focused on his own projects on street photography and advertising photography. He became one of the big names on street photography in Turkey.

As a photographer who produced in different fields of photography, he used many channels to present them. The latest channel of him is Instagram. He became one of the most popular Instagram photographers in Turkey and the world, with his photographs. He has over 582.000 followers from all over the world.

He is giving workshops every month on his specialization, Street Photography, with Samsung.

Tufan Sevİmlİ

In 1964 I was born on a hot summer day in Bursa Turkey. After studying business, my passion for art took me away to different places with different winds. After taking one year of theatre education, I began to shape my life perspective at Bursa Fine Arts Gallery by having 2 years of education on art. Later, my new hobby was taking black and white photographs by using old fashioned cameras. In a small corner of my house, I made a darkroom to print my own photos and made albums of my collections. To achieve the academic career in art I have won the fine arts exams in 1988 however at the same time I was working over a year already at a local newspaper as co- graphic designer. I decided to continue my job instead. Because, in those days I had a feeling that I had to earn money, be part of the media and to throw myself into life before it was too late. In summary, since that day, I have done newspaper graphic design, monthly newspaper prints, publishing/broadcasting managing, photography, editing and magazine designs, catalog designs, designs that brings out firm’s image, item ads, city emblems, billboards and etc. for about 27 years of experience.

I’ve been living in USA for 13 years. I was never able to erase my passion for photography. I felt the need to catch up to the new technology so I started to work on my skills and taught myself more. I enjoy taking little pieces of pixels from different screens from the most colorful cities in United States and putting them together in a window. I feel the excitement for the past 10 years with the technology I am learning in photography and in my photos.

Even though it was little late, videography and editing videos have also added extra excitement, voice and liveliness to my life for the past couple years. When the time comes and when I want to find a story and a name for a film, the inspiration will be from the purity of the black and whites photos, that mystery in a sunset and from the harmony of the colors on a rainbow.

Photography is not a coincidence, it finds life when mind, heart and the eye lines up back to back and creates a meaning.

Susan Shapiro

My photographs are in essence my personal visual diary; including the people I meet, my interests, travels, and everyday life. The goal is simple, to photograph in an emotionally spontaneous way and communicate those feelings which moved me to record what I saw and what I felt. The images are not preconceived from any intellectualized aesthetic or esoteric quest. The formal physical aspects of quality of light and composition is always a prerequisite and can be the initial attraction. However, something else magically intuitive enters the frame, to hopefully transform the photographs to reflect the emotional context and tell a visual story of the world experienced through my own particular lens.

I graduated from Pratt Institute, majoring in photography. I continue to use the same film cameras I started out with and print all my black and white images using traditional darkroom techniques, still loving the texture and magic of film.

My published photographic work has appeared on many book covers, and in book interiors (including the original Ridge Press edition of The Family of Woman), magazines, postcards as well as in various portrait venues. I’ve exhibited in numerous galleries including a solo show entitled New York Belly Dancer at the Library and Museum for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Sadık J. Aydın

As a young creative soul on the search for an artistic means of expression, Sadik J. Aydin landed a most interesting and unexpected internship as an antique box carver in Istanbul Turkey. These jewellery boxes, each an ornate work of art , were created after hours of intricate handwork and much attention to finite detail.

His talent was soon recognized and Sadik was approached to be trained as a goldsmith where he worked/turned 24 carat gold and diamonds into exquisite pieces of jewellery.

After being given a camera as a gift before a trip to Mexico, Sadik started taking random snaps of anything he viewed as beautiful. This habit turned into love where he continually found himself yearning to capture beauty in every possible instant of his journey.

Each photograph is a reflection of that intangible moment when his soul merges with the beauty in front of him. His work spans from scenes of the most ordinary places like urban city centres to the rich colours and textures of the Costa Rican rainforest.

He is fascinated with how light affects the landscape to create the magic that is mother nature. His three collections, Jardin, Aeris and Locus translate into garden, sky and ‘spot’ which are the three main elements of nature that inspire emotion within him.


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